Woman's Taco Bell Maternity Photos Go Viral

Have you had a chance to read my latest blog post and check out all my pics from my maternity shoot 📸? It was so much fun and I am loving hearing from other moms and moms to be who identify with my love for @tacobell 😍 Also I linked my gorgeous dress - it’s under $40 and comes in a bunch of colors and necklines!! I sized up 1 size but that may be because I was at almost max bump size too! 🤰🏻

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Kristin Johnston's maternity photos at a Georgia Taco Bell.

SMYRA, Georgia — Expectant mom Kristin Johnston picked an unusual location to shoot her maternity photos -- a Georgia Taco Bell.

The 33-year-old mom explained that her #1 craving during her first pregnancy was Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme, so she decided to capture images of her second pregnancy at the Taco Bell in Smyra in December.

The photos, featuring Johnston posing both inside and outside the restaurant, went viral after she shared them on Facebook.

“I wanted to do something a little different,” Johnson told ABC News. “I said, ‘I have to take my maternity pictures there. I’m spending so much time and money there with my cravings. That’s the place I’ve got to go.’”

Johnson came to the fast food restaurant dressed in a long gown and brought her friend, photographer Kelly Daniels.

“This was one of those things where I firmly believe that it’s better you ask for forgiveness than permission,” Johnston told Today.com. But also added that the staff did not object.

Johnson said she and her husband, Cody, 31, both love Taco Bell and generally visit each week, and twice a week during pregnancy. Johnston said the coming child is a "Taco Bell Baby."

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Source : http://www.dcourier.com/news/2018/jan/16/womans-taco-bell-maternity-photos-go-viral/

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